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Play Bible for kids

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Engage your kids and family with the Bible with 12 interactive bible stories in the form of faithful games & activities.• Introduce kids to the bible stories by creating their own scenery: simply move the characters in positions you like.• Press the play button for listening to 12 different bible stories from the Old and the New Testament.
What is it?
• The app contains 12 interactive bible stories in comic-book format that can be discovered at the child’s own pace.• Games & activities for kids aged 4 and up. The app can be used in Sunday school or kids groups, too.
What's in it for me?
• If you want to keep your kids engaged in the bible, this app is for you.• If you are looking for a faithful resource for effective bible teaching, this app is for you.
Games & activities
For each one of the 12 stories you'll find:• Create your own scenery: Move the characters from the top of the scene to the positions you like.• Press “refresh” to start again.• Press the “play” button in order to listen to the story.
All the activities have been carefully and faithfully created with the utmost respect for the bible to help a kid learn about the Scriptures.